Nina’s Art Design started about 25 years ago on a dare.  While shopping in Old Colorado City with friends Friz and Diane, we found a chair that Diane fell in love with.  It was painted with every color and design.  Polka dots, stripes, checks, flowers, plaid and a country scene on the seat.  It was one of the oddest pieces of furniture I’d ever seen.   I figured it was just an old chair and just paint so…….I told her I could do that. She dared me to and this most wonderful adventure of creating fun accents for people’s homes sprang up from that.

Fancy Chair

My husband Paul and I live in Erie Colorado.  One of our favorite places is our very own active basement space full of model trains, dusty work out equipment, 1970 electronics waiting to be revived, gourds and blank canvasses, unpainted furniture and 2 glass kilns.  Paints and glues and sheets of glass and tools and dog toys and painted children’s furniture.

I’ve been very very fortunate to be able to be an artist full time.  Paul and I have a blast together and love to see all of our kids and grandkids as much as possible. He is my best friend, my biggest fan and my welcome critic.

Between us, we have 5 grown kids spread from Maryland to Colorado,  6 almost 7 grand-kids under the age of 7 and many dogs in our collective family.

I would like to take a moment here to Thank all the friends and family that have been such supporters.  From my favorite mother-in-law , Midge who spent hours scraping and cleaning gourds for me.  My friends, Jeanie, Jojo, Kathy, Friz, Shelly, Barb and Sue who have always been available to schlep my wares to outdoor markets for the past several years. And of course my two favorite sons who have hauled pieces to the basement, out of the basement and back again for many years now.

Paul and Nina

Paul and Nina

I love you all and thank you so very much.